Hello 2018

I wanted to take a moment and reflect on 2017, it was probably my most challenging year in business to date.

As most of you know I located to Kingston Ontario in 2016 from the prairies of Manitoba, starting over in a completely new province was well – challenging but so rewarding!

I have wrote a few personal posts on my struggles and successes (you can look back and find those!!)

This post I am going to reflect on growth, success and what is in store for 2018.

As most of you know, weddings are my specialty. 2017 was not full of overwhelming inquiries and requests, being new to Kingston & Ontario many people wouldn’t know who I was yet. I had not yet had my work shared in the area. This slower pace was something I was not used too, ┬áin Manitoba I was booked months in advance and always knew I could fill my calendar – time and time over. In Kingston, I had to get my ass in gear and promote myself in many ways I was not overly used too. I gave out many free sessions, many large discounts and eventually started to book work. I worked so hard, gave the gift of photography to many people and showed myself hard work & kindness does pay off!

I managed to book just enough beautiful weddings. Every single wedding was absolutely stunning and I can not wait to get them up on the blog. Every single client was so humble + wonderful and appreciated my work and what I had to offer their wedding day. I will always be thankful for every couple who trusts in me to document one of the most magical days of their lives. I can not thank my clients enough for asking me to take part in their weddings. It is truly an honour.

Every single wedding was my favourite! I can not pick – honestly they were all so amazing. I literally booked the most heartwarming couples & days to capture. I produced some of my best work to date this past wedding season and I am truly proud. I have my clients to thank, thank you over and over for letting me document true love time and time again. It will always be what lights my soul on fire and gives me such a spark of joy! I am truly passionate about my photography business. I just can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store.

When I look back at my body of work for 2017, I am so happy. I moved somewhere new, completely out of my element and started over. I couldn’t have done it without all my Ontario clients & fans. My heart could burst writing this.

As my schedule was not completely booked with weddings this past year, it allowed me to explore many aspects of photography I puttered in but did not excel. These types were Spring Mini Sessions, Holiday Mini Sessions, Fashion Photography & Commercial jobs. After doing so, I loved every moment but but like everything in life we live and learn. Although I am proud of the work I produced, I learned some of it was not the direction in which I artistically wanted to grow.

2018 I am going to become more focused on what I wish to capture and what inspires me the most, I find if we try to be a jack of all trades in photography sometimes artistry can get lost. This year I am going to document love & life. I am going to focus on Weddings/Couples, Maternity/Newborn & Family Lifestyle Sessions.

I also find myself inspired by fashion, but it is something I will do for fun & growth. I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing people in Kingston collaborating on projects and I will always keep that up if time allows! I owe so many people I have worked with an amazing thank you for asking me to work on projects and promote my work. I am truly blessed for such opportunity.

So here is to 2018, I am going to stay true to myself and who I am as an artist/photographer. I want to capture real, raw emotion. I want to document babies, life, love & all moments in-between.

I have a feeling, this year will be wonderful.

Happy 2018

xo Kaley

Photo by the lovely Niche Photography