Our day trip to Ottawa! {personal post}

This past Thanksgiving weekend was a wonderful one,

even though it is our first holiday spent away from family and friends in Manitoba- we made it our own!

Saturday night we had friends over for dinner, it was wonderful. An evening of great food, drinks and laughter.

Sunday we took a day trip to Ottawa to explore Parliament Hill and all its beauty.

Thanksgiving weekend back in Manitoba we would have been rushing from one dinner to the next making sure we were able to see all of our family & friends.

We missed that this year,  If there is anything the Crosson bunch loves its big gatherings!

Moving to Kingston has made our family have many new adventures, we have no option but to get out, do things, make new friends and explore our new home province of Ontario.

It still feels like I am on somewhat of a vacation, trying to find my new normal.

Photography has not kept me racing this fall, and the quiet time to reflect on the past, bring new ideas to the business and focus on new clients has been wonderful.

Not shooting constantly every single evening has made me want to explore my creativity and take more photos of my family.

The last 3-4 years summer & fall would knock me off my feet and not allow me to have much family time from June-November.

Family trips on weekends, just didn’t happen between weddings and sessions.

Although I love my job and I am so excited to work with my new client base here in Kingston, I am loving our new adventure and the new pace of life.

I have been blessed to have our family back together after Cody spent almost a year away for military training.

The past year was probably one of the hardest but most exciting years yet. We had to say goodbye to all we knew and hello to a new beginning.

This year I am so thankful for all that has happened until this point, and all the wonderful new adventures coming our way.

I am thankful our family had the luck of being posted to Kingston, we have met many amazing people and our life here is slowly starting to feel like home.

All of our Manitoba folks, we miss you dearly.

All of my Manitoba clients, thank you for years of support and I hope I left you wish cherished memories you are able too look at for years to come.

Here is a little look at our afternoon in Ottawa, it was a wonderful day.