YGK Studios – Behind the Scenes

Like I have stated before, I am going to start doing more behind the scenes and personal posts. It is so fun to share my journey as an artist, photographer and human being.

I wanted to share a behind the scenes look into a wonderful day, exploring the world of fashion photography here in Kingston. I really have found another type of art I am passionate about.

I have photographed many, many things but photographing Fashion as an art really inspired me! I LOVE it, I could do it everyday!

I spent Sunday at The YGK loft, it is home to YGK Studios located at 28 Bath Road Kingston, ON.

Laura Kaminer owner of YGK Studios, asked me to come shoot along side the talented Ashley from Red Lemon Art & Photography !

It was so amazing to shoot with Ashley, her energy was fantastic and we worked together so easily.

I met SO many AMAZING, INSPIRING, TALENTED & WONDERFUL people (I could go on…).

I just can not believe the warm sense of community I feel here in Kingston, even though I have just been here since August- I feel at home.

As a photographer, I can feel myself grow more confident and full of inspiration every single day.

The collections we photographed were Just Female & Cheap Monday these are available at The YGK Loft & soon to be online!

The pieces are so beautiful. I loved every single one!

Just Female is a very elegant brand, you can dress the clothing up & also keep it very casual. I love the flow, feel & look of the garments, they are simply timeless & beautiful.

Cheap Monday is a super fun brand, It is modern, comfortable and very fashionable. The simplicity of the products is beautiful to dress up or down. I honestly could not stop feeling the fabric, it is so comfy.

Not to mention, it is very affordable and who doesn’t love that!?

Walk in Wednesdays are fantastic days to go visit and check out all the amazing items, including Laura’s very own YGK apparel line. (I literally live in my Why Gee Kay Hoodie, its so warm and cozy!)

Well, I could write forever about how wonderful everyone & everything is.. but I will not keep you.

Take a little look into a few behind the scenes photographs & some fashion shots! More to come.



^ Cheap Monday ^

Just Female

^ Rhea Chand getting the ladies camera ready @cherrybomb1313 ^

The Tragically Hips emotional Canadian Screen Awards Acceptance Speech.

^ Amna Virk working here beautiful makeup skills: @amnavirk_ ^

The beautiful Deanna, such a lovely woman. I enjoyed photographing her so much.


Ashley working her magic behind the lens! Team work is the best work.


 What a joy Katie is, I loved photographing her! She rocked it. So gorgeous!


It was so lovely to meet Emese, she is truly inspiring and so beautiful inside & out.


Samantha was a doll, I enjoyed photographing her so much! How beautiful is she? Gosh!


This women is beautiful, kind and so inspiring! I have been following her long before I moved to Kingston

to have her in front of my lens was so incredible!


And finally, Laura! Owner of YGK Studios. She is such an inspiration and so encouraging.

I feel so blessed to have met this lovely lady.

@laurakaminer @ygkstudios

Sunglasses available at YGK Studios: @super_sunglasses

                    @justfemale                                     @cheapmonday

Stay tuned for MORE… & items will soon be available at: