A wonderful start to the Holidays!

Winter is here, and well it does not feel like it compared to what we are used to in Manitoba!

The grass is still green and we have only seen one lonely snow fall, that snow fall caused a NO SCHOOL BUS snow day {in Manitoba that wouldn’t happen… hehe}

We enjoyed the snow day with hot chocolate and movies.

The weather has been, well amazing! Still mostly in the (+) so I am not complaining.

Christmas is fast approaching and surprisingly being so new to Kingston, I am photographing sessions at least every week.


As I stated before, I was going to take time and embrace photographing our journey here.

Tonight I got home from a day of mini sessions and decided, well I better photograph my littles.

Needless to say, we searched for last years christmas pyjamas and grabbed the 12 days of Christmas story book.

Cole outgrew his, so we found something that worked… Carter is still short as can be so his fit like a gem.

They snuggled up in our all-time favourite blankets.

{Our family is obsessed with Hudson’s Bay.. or maybe its just me!}

Anyways.. we snapped some photos & got the dogs festive too!

Our journey in Kingston has been special, we are meeting many wonderful people and it is finally starting to feel like home.

Here is my lovely littles.