Hello 2017 {personal post}


WOW! How a few years have flown by full of life challenges, changes and personal growth.

It feels like just yesterday, I was snuggled in my cozy little studio on 13th St. in Brandon, Mb. I would be having a coffee, editing images and dreaming of the future. I felt very content.

Life has passed me by so fast the last 2 years, I really have had no time to sit and reflect. It seemed as though 2015 I was running with work, weddings, sessions, managing the studio and home life. I felt the feeling of true reward of running a business & learned a few things on what not to do as well. In 2015 I learnt a lot. I felt like the world was at my fingertips and I had all the more reasons to dream & grow the business. If I was to think in 2016 I would be relocating to Kingston, Ontario-that would not even have been an option!

2015 is also a year our lives really changed and Cody decided to take on his new career with the Canadian Military. I thought Cody has worked so hard for me to build my business and now it is his time he go do something he truly would like to do!

Cody and I spent most of 2015/2016 apart, he was away with so much training and I was home to run my business and take care of our boys! We have been together since high school, spending no longer then probably a week apart. The adjustment was very hard. Cody left mid wedding season it was a challenge but I made due with all the help and support from family and friends. They were all truly life savers for those last minute photo sessions and wedding weekends!

Having the busiest wedding season in 2015, and then having a husband away for most of 2016 I really had to take a step back on how many clients I was taking on. 2016 wedding season was different then usual, but absolutely wonderful. I kept weddings local and took limited bookings. I knew I would be relocating to Kingston at the end of August so I knew I had to keep my workload manageable.

I had to say goodbye to my studio, the little place Kaley Noel Photography called home. It was hard packing up knowing I was moving, but in a way I knew it was the right thing to do behind all the uneasy feelings.

2016 was honestly the most life changing year yet, we had the excitement of moving to a new city. We also were full of overwhelming fear. There was so much to look forward too, but also so much to be afraid of.

We would be leaving so much behind, our families, friends, the little town we lived in and created a home for our children. I would also be leaving my business in a way, I knew I would have to start all over again. Ontario would be a new adventure!

The fear was hard, knowing our two boys would have to start in a new school, create new friends, live in a new home… when you live in a tiny community where you raised your family and know practically everyone – moving to a big city was an adjustment for us all.

We felt secure in Alexander, Mb. As much as we were scarred, we said “Let’s go!” We embraced our journey and moved to Kingston, On. We bought a beautiful house we now call home.

The city has been fabulous, there is so much excitement here, so much to do and yes.. it is much different from the prairies!

I love how Kingston is a big city, but has such a small town feel. The support for local business and tourist vibe is wonderful. It is fantastic place to live. We are really enjoying it. We miss our family and friends back home, but have adjusted very well and have had lots of company!

Our families came for Christmas & New years! We also have had friends come for a few visits as well. It is truly heartwarming knowing distance is just distance, having friends/loved ones come and it is like nothing has changed. We just now live an airplane ride away. It is fun to be able to show everyone where we live & explore our new city!

This weekend as a couple we looked back knowing we did the right thing, we made the right choice. We made the right choice for Cody to change careers, for our boys to grow up in Ontario and for my business to grow in a beautiful new direction.

Before Christmas, we were stilling having doubts & I am sure we will still wonder what would have happened if we stayed in Manitoba. In our hearts we know we did the right thing, made the right move!

The kids are back to school today, they were so excited to see their teachers and friends. I see them adjusting so well makes my heart content! Cody looked forward to heading back to work, having him home for almost a month I looked forward to it too ;).

We have made new friends & embraced new experiences.

It has taken time, but it is now home.

It is a new fresh year and I am feeling happy & inspired.

Kaley Noel Photography is off to a promising start here in Ontario!

I have been lucky enough to already photograph a wedding in Ottawa, many sessions here in Kingston and my  Ontario 2017 wedding season is looking fabulous including 2 trips back to Manitoba to capture weddings as well.

Thank you is not even a strong enough word for my supporters, clients, fans, people who trust me to capture their most special moments. I won’t let you down. I promise. I honestly would not be here without you all.

Thank you to my future clients, current clients and past clients.

You allow me to do what I love.

I am excited for the future.

Hello 2017. I am ready for you!

It is a year to create memories, embrace change, grow Kaley Noel Photography!

Happy New Year to all,


“20 years from now you will be disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the one’s you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain